[Updated 16.11] Metin2 Multibot 1.6 by Slait [WORKS WITH NEWEST UPDATE]

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[Updated 16.11] Metin2 Multibot 1.6 by Slait [WORKS WITH NEWEST UPDATE]

Mesaj  Slait la data de Mier Noi 16, 2011 11:41 pm

Latest Update: 1.6

Last updated at 16.11.2011. Working on 32 and 64-bit

Download: Here: tinyurl.com/cuc5bqw

Today, I present to you my Metin2 Multibot, this is a Multihack and a Levelbot together;).

Here first video: youtube.com/watch?v=UQ-HwuIxyl8

Screen: picload.org/image/wrcdca/multibotinfo.png

Instruction for injecting on 32-bit: youtube.com/watch?v=KTf6QQ5YTAo[/b]

First open 32-bit folder
Second start Metin
Third Start Injector
4th select Metin2 process
5th Click on Libraries
6th Right click there now - Inject new Library
7th select the target Dll and bot opens Very Happy Very Happy

If you see the error unable to install the system component, you have a 64-bit system !!!

Note, the functions, SpeedHack-Fix, Speed​​Attack-Fix and wallhack are detectet, you should use this only if it they really need, because I did not have a bypass for it:)

Functions, for a good Levelbot: Pottbot (Blue and Red), SkillBot, PickUp, GM Detector, attack mobs, pull mobs every x seconds, walk speed(without fix), Attack Speed(without fix), Attack Range and Zoom Hack / NoFog choice to look around. Of which is nothing detected and you can perfect level Very Happy

If you have WIndows XP, you must also login on an account whioch has no admin-rights Wink

Features - Levelbot:

- Pottbot (Potts will be automatically searched)
- Skillbot with adjustable time
- Auto Attack (Char is running to mobs and hitting them)
- MobPuller (with adjustable time, or with hotkey (F10))
- PickUp
- Restart here
- GM Detector
- EXP-Donator
- Metin detector

Features - Multihack:

- Speed Hack (without being teleportet back)
- Attackspeed
- Attackrange
- Weapon-Hold
- Combo
- OneHit-Hack
- Wallhack
- Zoomhack
- NoFog
- MobOnClick
- ItemUpper
- Run to nearest Metin

1st Download the package with the injector and dll.
2nd Unzip the package somewhere.
3rd Start the injector and drag the dll on the form
4th Inject the dll into Metin
5th Choose your settings and have fun Very Happy
6th Dont let you catch by GMs;)

Virustotal of the Dll: virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=4a1bd83ecaf28948e62cb82686200ea974928df205890aaba779b62af36c333b-1317397710
Of the Injector: virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=dfe8890a7fe2d4fe0b46d3bb92addae23a248b07b02abe1df49d32ea69fc010d-1317397266

Download: Here: tinyurl.com/cuc5bqw

PS: Reuploads not allowed, you can post the Bot anywhere, but for the download always link to this Thread!


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