[Hack][Cheat][Bot] M2Bob 1.1.3_2 21.03.2012 for Metin2

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[Hack][Cheat][Bot] M2Bob 1.1.3_2 21.03.2012 for Metin2

Mesaj  31development la data de Joi Mar 22, 2012 12:22 am

Tools of Bot
1. Auto-attack Bot
2. Lure Hack
3. Ghost Mode
4. Wall Hack
5. Auto-potion Bot
6. Attack Skill Bot
7. Go to shop when no have potions.
8. Shutdown computer after a time.
9. Stop leveling when gm is near.
10. Attack Metins on map
11. Attack Bosses on map
12. Anti-ban fuction
13. Pick-up function
14. MobsOnClick function
15. Upgrade Items everywhere

Video Tutorial

Bot Screens

http://ilix.in/1MNuI - Download Link

Read more: http://www.romanian-cheaters.info/hack-cheats-bots-metin-f129/m2bob-1-1-3-2-21-03-2012-for-metin2-t1137.html


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Limba romana pentru hack M2Blb

Mesaj  Stayll la data de Mier Mar 28, 2012 10:50 am

Language romain for M2Bob x.x.x
First download adf.ly/623961/romana
First step open folder M2Bob x.x.x open Ressources open Settings and paste Romain.ini
EX. C:\M2Bob x.x.x\Ressources\Settingsopen hack select romain language
__________________________________________________ ________________________

Limba romana pentru hack M2Bob x.x.x
Descarcati fisierul Romana.ini
Intrati in folderul unde aveti hack-ul M2Bob deschide folderul Ressources intra in Settings si dai paste ..
acum deschide hack-ul si selecteaza romana
EX. C:\M2Bob x.x.x\Ressources\Settings


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